Cambridgeshire family photographer: the Buckle family

I love working as a Cambridgeshire family photographer in this gorgeous county.  The Buckle family’s corner of it is especially beautiful.  Jo’s parents run the beautiful Secret Garden Touring Park near Wisbech.  Incidentally if you’re into camping in gorgeous surroundings go and check it out – they also have their own distillery and brewery!

Anyway, I went to take some family photos after Jo and Joe welcomed their new baby, Henry.  Their two-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was so smitten with her new little brother! She couldn’t stop giving him kisses and checking in on him, so sweet!

We took a little stroll around the beautiful garden and Charlotte found the most exciting thing the campground cat!  So after playing with the cat for a while and chasing said cat round the hedge maze we headed back to the house.  Incidentally, hedge mazes appear way easier when you’re that little – seems like if you get lost you just crawl under the hedges rather than find the way out!!

Charlotte spent the rest of the time playing with bubbles while Henry was doted on by the entirety of his family.  Lucky little chap!

This really was the loveliest way to spend a morning; fabulous family in wonderful surrounding in the belting sunshine.  Fun times.

People often ask me why you’d bother taking photos of a newborn when they can’t do much of anything.  While they aren’t wrong (!!) it’s ridiculous how quickly they grow up and how quickly you forget they were ever this small.  So I always think that while the photos aren’t of the baby interacting or anything “exciting” it’s such a wonderful memory to have preserved. Have a read of this page to see how the whole process will work for your family photography shoot.

If you’re looking for a Cambridgeshire family photographer or have a new arrival to capture, please do get in touch.

Cambridgeshire family photographer