Granchester meadows engagement shoot: David & Philly

I met up with David & Philly on a gloriously sunny day for a champagne picnic and stroll along Granchester Meadows in Cambridge.  The sunny weather had brought the crowds, despite our long-standing plans, so we hid in a corner of the meadows, drank bubbles and had a laugh.  Philly has an amazing laugh which I’m sure you can see from the photos!  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hear through photos too?  But guess they call that video!

I had a great day and I can’t wait for their wedding.  Not only because their plans sound lovely but because I’m grateful to count David & Philly among my friends, so it’ll be doubly great to be part of their day.  I’m so pleased they picked me as their Cambridge wedding photographer.  They’ll be marrying in Bourn at the church then going to The Secret Garden at Burwash Manor for their reception.  I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store!

Enjoy the photos and check back in a few months for their wedding pictures!

Do you live in Cambridge and fancy having some couple photos taken?  Here’s the link to drop me a note and we’ll chat about it.

Cambridge wedding photographer