Being pregnant is your first step into motherhood.  It is a crazy and emotional time and although nine months seems endless when you’re going through it, it will pass in a flash and be over before you know it.  Those little flutters of your baby in the middle of the night cannot be captured forever but how amazing your body is to be growing a little human can be!  Plus, lets be honest, at no other point in your life can you be so comfortable sticking our your tummy for a photo!

Timing your maternity shoot

You can have your photos alone or with your partner to create a real slice of your life as it was before your little man or lady came into your life.  Most people have their maternity photos taken between 32 – 36 weeks; this is when you are nice and curvaceous and obviously pregnant but your shoot can be scheduled right up until your due date.

What should I wear?

The whole point of maternity photography is to show off your gorgeous bump!  With this in mind tight stretchy clothes help accentuate your bump best of all.  I would recommend against maternity clothing as this is often loose and with ruches in places that are made for comfort rather than style.  Maxi dresses always work brilliantly as they can flow but also be held tighter to accentuate for other photos.  Plus they have the added benefit of covering up any other areas you’re less happy with!  As with any photo shoot, feeling like yourself is key and have fun with it; accessorise away!

What would I do with the photos?

Why not consider a bespoke album to be able to show your new arrival in a few years?  Or have your favourite photo of your pregnancy framed for the wall of your nursery.  I know I love the idea of our little one looking at a picture of Mummy & Daddy when they were just a family of two…