Bluebell family photos in St Albans

I was wandering through the park this morning.  Despite the recent snow noticed that there were the beginnings of cherry blossom and plant shoots showings. It seems like winter is only just getting going but that spring may be hard on its heels. I’m not at all disappointed by this!  I adore the green and flowers of spring and it means I can finally come out of hibernation!  And yay for the impending bluebell family photos I get to take…
It got me thinking about all the wonderful shoots I get to be part of in spring. Often people hang on for summer hoping for really warm weather but actually I think the weather is often more settled in spring and autumn. Who an trust a British summer eh?
Rewinding a little while, I took some bluebell family photos for the Gavin family while they were in full bloom.  Then I realised these have never made the blog.  Bad Tori!  Their baby boy is no longer a baby and pretty much unrecognisable from these photos!
Is there anything more glorious and English than that gorgeous carpet of blue in our woodland? They are also a pretty fascinating flower as well over half the worlds bluebells are found in the UK and actually they are quite rare in other countries.
Available slots for bluebell family photos shoots always go quickly.  If you have any interest, it’s always worth getting yourself on the list to be notified when they flower.  Please be aware that the actual shoot date cannot be confirmed until the bluebells start to show themselves!

The magic of bluebells

Also, it’s important to say that when shooting in the bluebells I never let them be trampled or destroyed. I don’t know how many people are aware but it’s actually against the law to intentionally pick or destroy them. It’s super important to treat them with respect because despite the prevalence of them, they are really fragile. It takes about 5-7 years to grow from seed into a colony and they usually die if trodden on because they have fragile leaves which annoy photosynthesis if crushed.
Anyway, take a look at the gorgeous Gavin family among the bluebells and if you fancy another post to look at, you can see their earlier shoot at home here. 
If you fancy some photos when the bluebells come out then please do get in touch, I’d love to help you out. And if you want to know how a shot with me would work from start to finish then take a look at the whole process on the family photography info page.
bluebell family photos