Bedfordshire family photographer: the Palmer family

I first met Kim & Simon years ago before their Hertfordshire marquee wedding in 2012.  Since then I’ve been lucky enough to see them again when they recommended me to Annabel & James for their wedding too.  At that point they’d just welcomed (literally by a couple of weeks!) their adorable son Louis.  And he was tiny, and oh so cute.  Fast forward a little and life certainly has changed for this lovely couple.  They’ve moved out into the countryside, as was always their dream, and little Louis is now a nearly two year old boy, full of fun and personality.  So my brief changes and I become a Bedfordshire family photographer rather than wedding photographer!

It’s always one of my favourite things when I’m invited back to see people I’ve photographed before as it really makes me feel like I am understanding how life is changing for them and that’s one of my favourite things about this “job”.

So, I met the Palmers at their stunning Bedfordshire home and Louis took no time in making himself at home in front of the camera.  He is a true little boy – full of energy, the focus of which switches direction pretty frequently!  He’s also such a happy little soul and didn’t stop giggling, smiling and nattering away to himself (although I admit I didn’t catch most of it!)

We started off in the garden, playing with his beloved tractor and golf clubs… did a little bit of gardening… ran around the lawn.  All good fun.  Then Louis showed me his adorable play room where we read books, played with cars and got most of his toys out (sorry guys!).  Then a quick TV break in his nursery rounded up our time together, when I got to be reminded of just how much fun bouncing on a bed and cuddles with your Mummy and Daddy can be.

Thank you so much for inviting me back to meet this adorable little boy – I hope you like the photos!

If you’re looking for a Bedfordshire family photographer, please do get in touch.

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