I don’t often get to work as an Apsley family photographer so it was a real treat when Laurie and Carly got in touch and asked me to photograph their gorgeous little girl, Millie.

It seems hard to believe that it’s almost two years since their amazingly fun Priory Barn wedding and even longer since their engagement shoot at Brocket Hall. They must have the best luck with weather, these two; their engagement shoot was scorching, their wedding was beautiful despite the forecast of rain and it is baking hot at the moment too!

Millie is coming up to a year soon and is just such a sweet little girl.  Firstly, who couldn’t fall in love with those baby blue eyes? Amazing!  And more importantly Millie has such a lovely temperament.  While I’m sure at 4am Mum and Dad wouldn’t necessarily agree, she was just so amenable and happy throughout our time together taking photos.

We met up at their Apsley home (congrats on the lovely house guys!) first to take a few relaxed photos of Millie in her home environment.  Then we headed over to nearby Ashridge Estate to have a meander round the forest.  Later, all four grandparents met us there to take a few family photos.  It was such a lovely afternoon. Incidentally, if you’ve never been to Ashridge you definitely need to head over there.  I’d forgotten just how lovely it is to wander round the beautiful woodland.

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