The Guards Chapel wedding photographer: Emma & Paul

Emma & Paul got married on a gloriously warm day at the stunning Guards Chapel, just behind Buckingham Palace.  I’ve never worked as a Guards Chapel wedding photographer before and I cannot believe that this stunning (and huge) building is tucked away right in central London!

I really enjoyed hearing the speeches made my Emma’s father, the groom and best man (as I always do) as it became doubly clear just how adored they are individually and as a couple.  Emma’s father spoke of her always having a smile ready for everyone and I can attest to that, she was grinning ear-to-ear all day!  They all spoke of their generosity, kindness and compatibility as a couple too and I know they’ll have many happy years to come.

If you’re getting married at The Guards Chapel in London and are still looking for a wedding photographer, please do get in touch.

The Guards Chapel wedding photographer